Top 3 Zodiac Signs Who Play With Feelings

1. Geminis

Geminis' duality and adaptability. They are pleasant and outgoing, but their mood swings might make it hard to understand them.

Geminis' intellectual curiosity and flirtatiousness can cause emotional turmoil because they enjoy romantic pursuits without committing to deeper emotions.

2. Sagittarian 

Sagittarian independence and freedom. They love new experiences and may struggle to form long-term connections.

Since Sagittarius fears commitment and loves unpredictability, they may play with others' emotions by enjoying the chase without pursuing a stable relationship.

3. Leos 

Their seductive charm and confidence might draw admirers, giving the impression that they play with sentiments.

Leos love being loved, but their need for affirmation and attention may sometimes overshadow their desire for meaningful connections.

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