Top 3 Most Anxious Zodiac Signs

1. Scorpios 

Scorpios are passionate and intense, which can cause significant anxiety and worry. Their craving for control and emotional security might cause anxiety. 

Scorpios may also struggle to let go of past tragedies, causing future anxiety. Scorpios can manage anxiety with meditation, therapy, and artistic expression.

2. Pisces

Pisceans are sensitive and caring, but their empathy can cause worry. Pisces can quickly feel others' emotions, causing anxiety. 

 Pisceans can practice positive affirmations, set appropriate emotional boundaries, and spend time in nature to attain inner calm.

3. Geminis 

Geminis are curious and adaptable, yet their restlessness can cause worry. With constant mental stimulation, they may overthink and fret about many scenarios. 

Decision-making issues can also cause anxiety in Geminis. Geminis can relax with grounding exercises, fun activities, and good sleep.

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