Rules For Vastu House Plan Part 2

Natural light and ventilation

Positive living requires adequate ventilation and natural light. To allow for the free movement of air and sunlight

 Vastu recommends broad windows and adequate placement of doors. Well-lit and ventilated places promote positivity.

Staircase Placement

The staircase in the center of the house can obstruct energy flow, therefore avoid it. Place the staircase west, south, or southwest.

Colors and Décor

Vastu recommends improving the energy of distinct spaces with suitable colors and décor. 

Soft bedroom colors promote comfortable sleep, while vivid living room colors encourage socializing. Use positive symbols and art.

Garden and Landscaping

Vastu places equal importance on the exterior of the home. Keep your garden tidy. 

Directional planting of trees and plants boosts positive energy. Avoid overgrown trees and plants throwing house shadows.

Clutter Control

Clutter blocks positive energy, so keep your space clean and organized. Declutter and clean regularly to let energy flow.

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