Rules For Vastu House Plan Part 1

Placement and orientation

East, north, and northeast orientations are thought to bring beneficial energy and sunlight into the dwelling. Avoid south-facing main entrances as unlucky.

Room Placement

For instance, the master bedroom should face southwest and the kitchen southeast. Proper room placement balances house energies.

Function and Zoning

Vastu recommends naming house zones by function. A prayer room would be appropriate in the northeast, where meditation and prayer are popular. 

Southeast is fire-friendly, making it ideal for cooking. Zoning maximizes space efficiency and harmony.

Balancing Elements

Vastu recommends balancing earth, water, fire, air, and space in the dwelling. The design can include these characteristics through color, materials, and décor.

In the southwest, earthy tones promote stability, whereas in the northeast, water features inspire calm.

Proportions and Layout

For instance, the house's core region, should be unobstructed. Avoid clutter and odd-shaped rooms to maintain energy flow.

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