Meditation Space: Bring Inner Peace

Location Matters

Choose a peaceful, secluded room in your home for your meditation retreat.

Due of its spiritual aura, the northeast corner is good for meditation. Noise and clutter can distract your focus, so avoid them.

Adopt Natural Light

Sunlight is full of wonderful energy. Design your meditation place to let in lots of natural light. 

Sunlight during meditation can enhance your experience and boost your spirits.

Color Your World Calm

Colors greatly affect our mood and emotions. Soft blues, greens, or pastels provide good meditation colors. These colours calm and relax.

Clear and simplify

Clutter disrupts energy in any space. Declutter and organize your meditation space. Reduce decorations and objects to create a peaceful, simple atmosphere.

Comfort Matters

Comfort is necessary for full concentration. A comfy meditation cushion or chair will support your posture when sitting for long durations. 

The Power of Nature

Adding nature to your meditation environment boosts its energy.

Consider indoor plants or a tiny water feature. These natural elements purify and rejuvenate the air.

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