How To Read Eyes For Love

Moon-Eyes Connection

The Moon and eyes are deeply connected in Vedic astrology. Tears are a sign of the Moon's control over body fluids. 

A powerful Moon in a person's chart can make their eyes more expressive, making it easier to read their emotions, particularly romantic feelings.

The Venus Significance

Venus is important in Vedic astrology for love and relationships. Venus, the “Graha of Love,” controls emotions and attraction.

Venus in harmony in a person's birth chart can provide a captivating charm, particularly in the eyes. 

A person's love potential and emotional intensity can be determined by Venus' power and placement.

Reading Body Language

Vedic astrology stresses planet aspects, where one planet affects another. These factors affect body language and eye expressions beyond the natal chart.

Venus-Moon harmony can improve a person's ability to show love and tenderness through their eyes.

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