Top 3 Phone Addicted Zodiac Signs

1. Aries

Aries, is energetic and impetuous. They may be more prone to phone addiction due to their need for excitement and stimulation. 

Technology's quick speed matches their adventurous nature, making them ready to try every app, social media platform, and online game.

2. Geminis 

Social Geminis are insatiably curious. Their talkative temperament and passion of learning make them avid social media users.

In this digital age where social media is so important, the need to be connected and express their opinions can lead to phone addiction.

3. Leos 

Leos love attention, and their phones are the perfect platform to show off their lives. Social media affirmation and feedback fuel their thirst for fame. 

They are more prone to be phone addicts since they frequently scroll through comments and likes to gain attention.

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