3 Zodiac Signs Women Who Are More Friendly

1. Leo

Their friendly, eager nature makes them simple to befriend. They give freely of their time and attention, making others feel valued.

Leos' irrepressible enthusiasm lifts others' emotions. They are trusted confidants because they listen well and encourage their pals.

2. Libra 

Libra ladies are courteous and harmonic. They are great mediators and can resolve disputes. Their natural fairness and justice make them trustworthy friends. 

Libras naturally create an attractive atmosphere that puts others at ease. They care deeply about their friends and go the additional mile to keep them happy.

3. Sagittarius 

Sagittarius women are fun because they are adventurous and enthusiastic. They are curious and appreciate new cultures and ideas.

Their adventurous temperament makes them open-minded and welcoming of diverse ideas, making them pleasant. 

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