3 Most Innocent Zodiac signs

1. Cancers 

They have strong emotional connections and see the world with childish awe. Cancers respect family and intimate friendships and protect their loved ones.

Their naïve charm comes from seeing the beauty in simple moments and supporting without asking anything in return.

2. Pisces

Pisces, who are calm and dreamy, making them seem innocent. Compassionate, artistic, and perceptive, they see the world with empathy and understanding.

Their creative imaginations frequently inspire a childish feeling of wonder and innocence.

3. Libras

Libras' impartiality, peace, and diplomacy. Their innocence originates from their desire to create harmony and meaningful relationships. 

Libras love beauty and see the good in people, sometimes too much. Integrity and justice in all facets of life contribute to their innocence and idealistic viewpoint.

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