3 Good Luck Plants For Home

Lucky Bamboo

Feng Shui, which seeks to balance people and their surroundings, favors Lucky Bamboo. Believed to bring luck, prosperity, and pleasant energy.

Three stalks indicate happiness, wealth, and longevity; five stalks represent wealth; and six stalks represent luck and prosperity.

Money Tree

Money Trees, also called as Malabar chestnuts, symbolize prosperity and abundance. Known for its braided stem and luxuriant, hand-shaped leaves.

 A Money Tree near your home's entry is thought to provide luck and positive energy, according to Feng Shui.

Jade Plant

Many civilizations, notably Chinese and Japanese, consider the Jade Plant lucky and prosperous. Riches are symbolized by its coin-shaped leaves. 

A Jade Plant near your home's entrance or in the southeast corner (Feng Shui's wealth corner) is thought to bring financial success.

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